SOUND OF THE AURORA [performance comic]

Sound of the Aurora
is a live comic preformance by Fredrik Rysjedal and and the music trio 1982 (Sigbjørn Apeland, Nils Økland and Øyvind Skarbø).

"Sound of the Aurora" is the first comic in a small series of short stories about Fredrik's grandfather Andreas Strand. When Fredrik became aware that he looked like his old Grandfather, he also got aware of his own ignorance to family history. Through several interviews of family members, he have created short stories that describes some memories of a man he didn't know. As a sailor, Andreas experienced the Second World War, a conflict that affected him as a man but also colors his legacy.

Fredrik makes comics with post war perspectives, he wants to highlight that many stories vanish with the second generation which he is a part of. What is right and what is myth? What do we actually know about our family?

"Sound of the Aurora" is based on the interview of Astrid, Fredrik's aunt and Andreas' sister. It gives a perspective of the tension and hard feelings during the first postwar years.

Norwegian title: Lyden av Aurora

Past performances:
February 25th, 2016: Lyden av Aurora (Norweian Edition), St. Mary's Church, Bergen
June 05th, 2014: Lyden av Aurora (Norweian Edition), at Bergen Academy of Art and Design
August 29th, 2015: Sound of the Aurora (English Edition), at Bergen Kjøtt

A frame from Sound of the Aurora, the ship MS. Berganger is hit by a torpedo.