2006–2008 Master in visual communication, department of design at BNAA.
2003–2006 Bachelor in visual communication, department of design at BNAA.

Comics & Zines:
2018 "3mm Utfallande", comic zine
2017 "3mm Bleed", comic zine
2016 "Stopp Kunsten", comic zine
2016 “Kva skal eg bli når eg vert stor”, drawings, zine
2016 "Nær, nærare, nærast", digital comic for iPad.
2015 "Tales from Outer Sogn" Webcomic for children.
2014 Sound of Aurora, a performance comic.
2014 «Det er jo dette som er deilig», Short Comic in the antology «Smuss», Cappelen Damm
2012 When we met Lucy Knisely, comic zine
2011 Fanzine: Early Works, retrosective zine on my childhood drawings
2011 Fanzine: Resirkuler, sequential draing, zine
2011 Fanzine: ARB EIDS FLYT, comic zine
2011 Fanzine: Dusj, photo comic zine
2010 Fanzine: Fjes, portraits, zine

Performing visual arts:
2017 Hans og Grete, directed by James Bonas, Bergen Nasjonale Opra. Making animation for projection and performance, did not take part of the performance.
2017 HYSJ, by Øyvind Skarbø, Øyvind Hegg-Lunde and Fredrik Rysjedal. Scenic concert for children with  percussion, music and video. Animation, illustration and live editing.
2017 Martin Luther anniversary in Bergen: VJ Rysjedal&Ludvigsen made live film editing at Per Inge Hope, Eva Phitzenmeier and Natalie Sandtorvs imromusical commision piece.
2016 "Close, closer, closest", performing comic by Fredrik Rysjedal (premiere), also performed in 2017.
2016 20x20x20, a cossdisiplinary annual concert at Bergen Kjøtt, live drawing, and liquid and lightshow on overhead.
2016 "OH", by teatergarasjen, performing, co-creating and drawing live. Directed and created by Sara Bruteig Olsen.
2014 "Sound of the Aurora" (premiere), performance comic by Fredrik Rysjedal . Also performed in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

2012–2015 Norwegian Artistic Research Programme at Bergen Acedemy of Art and Design.
2009–2012 Graphic designer at Fuggibaggi design AS.
2008–2009 Freelance as book designer and illustrator.

2017 at Høgskulen i Sørøst-Norge, Notodden - "Kva er ein digital teikneserie/what is a digital comic?"
2017 at Rothaugen skule in Bergen – Brief history of Comics
2016 at Høgskulen i Sørøst-Norge, Notodden - "Kva er ein digital teikneserie/what is a digital comic?"
2015 at The Comic Electric: A Digital Comic Symposium at Hertfordshire University, "Comics >< Film"
2014 at Visibility - The International Illustration Venue -  Bergen Academy of Art and Design - "Frozen Moments in Motion"

Art Residence:
2015: 7 days at Tegnerforbundet, Illustrator in Residence

2016 Partner of Pamflett, Studio, Gallery and Risoprint
2015 Leader for Bergen Art Book Fair '15
2011 Board Member of The Comic Group in Grafill
2010<  Leader for the organisation Bergen Zines
2009 Board Member of Norsk Fanzinekongress.
2003–2006 Student representative at the Bergen Board of Grafill.

2012 Fanzine Competition at

2017 < Anngjerd Ruestand, curated with Ann Kristin Stølan for Bergen Zines and B-Open.
2016 Sindre Goksøyr - screen print exhibition at Pamflett
2016 Arkiv - exhibition by Haakon Holm Olsen's collages at Pamflett.

2018 Bergtatt
2017 Bergen Art Book Fair
2017 China meets Norway in a Bookshelf, (Beijing)
2017 Fanzinekveld at Nobel Bopel
2016 Fanzinekveld at Bergen Library/Scandinavia Days
2016 Bergen ARt Book Fair at Bergen Kunsthall
2016 Draft - Bergen Comic Festival
2015 Bergen ARt Book Fair at Bergen Kunsthall
2014 Bergen Art Book Fair at Bergen Kjøtt
2013 Bergen Art Book Fair at Bergen Kjøtt
2012 Fanzinekveld Nobel Bopel

2011 Fanzinekveld at Knøderen
2011 Founded Bergen Zines with Ann Kristin Stølan
2011 Started a small activity called Fanzinekveld in Bergen, first located at Nobel Bopel
2009 Participated in creating "Norsk fanzinekongress"
2008–2011 Supervisor at Tegneloftet(a comic creation workshop) together with Kim Holm.
2008 Started the project Vibrant Comics.

Illustrated Books:
2017 Gilgamesh av Rolf Losnegård
2015 Det forferdeleg geniale freseskyflyet av Rolf Losnegård, Skald forlag

2005 Hemnaren by Rolf Losnegård

2018 Selfpublishing and Fanzine Workshopat Oppland Kunstsenter, Duration: 1 day
2018 Digital Publishing at Høgskulen i Sørøst-Norge Duration: 4 days.
2018 Picture Book course at Høgskulen i Sørøst-Norge Duration: 3 weeks.
2017 Comic Workshop for children at Fana Kulurhus. Duration: 2 hours a week.
2017 Picture Book course at Høgskulen i Sørøst-Norge.
2016 Comic Workshop for children at Fana Kulurhus. Duration: 2 hours a week.
2016 Motion Graphic course with Torkell Berntzen at the Bachelor Program at BNAA. Duration two weeks.
2015 InBetween - graphic projections and spatial installations Bachelor Program with Torkell Berntzen, and Charles Michalsen at BNAA. Duration: Four weeks. 
2010 Character development through materials together with Liv Andrea Mosdøl at BNAA.
2011 Character development through materials together with Liv Andrea Mosdøl and Ingvild Os at BNAA.

Study trips:
2016 Tokyo Art Book Fair
2014 Fumetto International Comic Festival
2013 New York Art Book Fair
2012 Tokyo Art Book Fair
2010 The World Expo - Shanghai

London 2007 (BNAA)
London 2003 (BNAA)

2015 Motion Comic Workshop with Eric Loyer
2012 Storyboarding for Directors, by Dylan Stone at London Film School

2006 Internship at Blæst design.

2018: Prosjektstøtte Bergen kommune 25 000,-
2017: Diversestipend 33 000,-
2016, Diversestipend, 15 000,-
2016 Litterære prosjekter, adaption of Sound of the Aurora to iPad, 75 000,-
2009 Bergen Kommune, 50 000,-

2018 Gold for "Close, Closer, Closes" in Visuelt by Grafill, exhibited during the European Design Awards in Oslo.