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comic artist, and illustrator (1980) from Leirvik in Sogn, live and work in Bergen(Norway). 

I work as an indipendent comic artist, making selfpublicated fanzines and digital comics. My fanzine production has been from small experiments to short stories. Since my studio collective, Pamflett, got a Riso printer in 2017, my zines have been made as riso prints.

In 2014 I made my first original comic performace with Sound of the Aurora. Performance comics is a live presentation of a comic, I usually also bring with me musicians to score the sessions.

In 2017 I published my first digital comic for the reading tablet, Close, Closer Closest. Both Sound of the Aurora and Close, Closer, Closest are results of my artistic research project at the University of Bergen, faculty of art, music and design, 2012–2015.

I also work on cross-disiplinary project as theatre and scenic concerts, where I make visuals but also do live editing. 

Fredrik Rysjedal

Org. nr: 982587301

post [at] fredrikrysjedal.no