3mm BLEED [Fanzine]

3mm Bleed is a short comic zine printed on Riso at Pamflett in Bergen/Norway. It was originally made on Oslo Comic Expo's 24 hour comic challenge in 2017, but I made it with Riso-print in mind, and printed it in English late 2017. The English edition is printed into 50 copies.

This fiction is about an award winning graphic designer, and if I write more I would spoil the story. It was made just after a whale was found on a shore just outside of Bergen, with its stomac full of plastic. Somehow this whale made it into the story. 


Tronsmo Bøker og Tegneserier, Universitetsgata 12, Oslo

Quimby's Bookstore, 1854 W North Ave, Chicago, US.

Sticky InstituteDegraves Street Subway, Shop 10 Campbell Arcade (‘Under Flinders Street Station’), Melbourne, Australia.